Success Through The Relentless Pursuit Of Excellence : Nicole Rodrigues

Nicole Rodrigues

When walking on stage to receive the Forbes CEO Award, Nicole Rodrigues felt amused at the irony of life. Having been constantly called upon to manage such events like award functions for corporate heads, it was ironical that she had reached her goal of one day being called upon to receive such an award herself, […]

Succeeding In Style : Vanitaa Bhatia

Vanitaa Bhatia

Founder & Director | DIVAlicious Fashion & Lifestyle Exhibition A powerhouse of fashion event hosting, Vanitaa Bhatia’s is a tale of risking everything for a dream. A young woman of resolve, she initially traversed the conventional salaried route, managing portfolios and important clients for a bank. However, in a striking leap of faith, she decided […]

How The Student Became The Master : Dr. Vandana Gandhi


Founder and CEO | British Orchard Nursery THE INFINITE LEARNING CURVE British Orchard Nursery Founder and CEO, Dr Vandana Gandhi stands tall among the businessmen and women of the Middle East for her valuable and dependable contribution to the nation. A consummate student, her belief in approaching situations armed with information has lent itself well […]

An Inspiring Dreamer : Chimoo Acharya

Chimoo Acharya

Founder & Owner | Encore The Design Studio & L’atitude Events Dubai At a single glance, what stands out about Chi moo Acharya is her strong character. A powerhouse who taps into the wellspring of creativity with deceptive ease, she is the founder at the helm of event management company L’atitude Events and Encore Dubai. […]

Awakening Dreams Through Melodious Words : Geeta Chhabra

Geeta Chhabra

Author & Poet Winner of several prestigious poetry awards, Geeta Chhabra seems like a perennial river, emanating a combination of verve and serenity in her demeanour and works. In the balance and poise of her ideas, her voice is a firm follower of peaceful coexistence … whereby, she is essentially a person … a woman […]