Vanitaa Bhatia

Succeeding In Style : Vanitaa Bhatia

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Founder & Director | DIVAlicious Fashion & Lifestyle Exhibition

A powerhouse of fashion event hosting, Vanitaa Bhatia’s is a tale of risking everything for a dream.

A young woman of resolve, she initially traversed the conventional salaried route, managing portfolios and important clients for a bank.

However, in a striking leap of faith, she decided to follow her love of fashion and started DIVAlicious.

Spurred by her passion, Bhatia transformed the face of the regional fashion industry before embarking on an adventure that would go on to remake the industry as a whole.

Today, DIVAlicious is a fashion industry staple. An exhibition that features the creme de la creme of established and upcoming designers and brands, it was founded by Vanitaa Bhatia in 2011 in Dubai.

DIVAlicious has now garnered so much credibility that the brand virtually means fashion exhibitions for industry stakeholders.

It is the only exhibition with a presence not just in the UAE but across so many global cities as well – there has been no other brand to match this scale.

A B2C concept that exposes customers to established and emerging designers and brands, DIVAlicious was originally an exhibition intended to gather a few choice brands together in one location and increase their accessibility to local markets. It rapidly established itself on a regional level and expanded internationally.

Bhatia’s understanding of fashion brand accessibility in various markets and clear insight into customer spending habits skyrocketed the exhibition into a successful platform with a presence in 17 cities in all corners of the world.

As DIVAlicious grew, its range of collaborations with exceptional designers garnered attention, with its 2017 London exhibition reaching a new milestone featuring Bollywood actress, Sonam Kapoor, and recreating Indian fashion designer and icon, Anita Dong re’s Spring Summer Lakme Finale. It has never looked back since.

DIVAlicious events are now synonymous with global fashion heavyweights intermixed with Bollywood elites, and Bhatia’s conquest has been marked by recognition that underscores her success and business sense.

Apart from being the recipient of multiple awards such as the Iconic Global Fashion Exhibition Women Entrepreneur, her media personality shines through features in major news publications across the world.