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An Inspiring Dreamer : Chimoo Acharya

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Founder & Owner | Encore The Design Studio & L’atitude Events Dubai

At a single glance, what stands out about Chi moo Acharya is her strong character.

A powerhouse who taps into the wellspring of creativity with deceptive ease, she is the founder at the helm of event management company L’atitude Events and Encore Dubai.

Famous for managing its celebrity clientele with elegant aplomb. Chimoo’s story is one of rising from the ashes like a phoenix; determined in the face of challenging situations.

A Manager With An Eye For Detail

An event industry staple, L:attitude Events Dubai’s creator lives up to the name in every possible way. A spirited woman, Chimoo began to look for work in Dubai.

She realised on moving that in order to survive she would need to step out and get herself busy as coffee afternoons with school moms were not her ideal pastime.

Today, Encore The Design Studio and L’attitude Events are famous companies within the UAE, Gulf and the subcontinent for its events featuring high profile hosts and guests, as well as being a top event management and wedding planner brand.

Before all this, looking to supplement her family’s income, Chimoo interviewed at Landmark Group’s Home Centre.

After waiting for hours, she realised that it was getting late for her to go back home, and vented her frustrations at the person who was with her outside the Head’s cabin, whom she had built up a rapport with.

While she ended up going home without getting her meeting, she felt enriched and refreshed after the rejuvenating conversation.

It was only on her way back home that she realised that she had just engaged in a long talk with the Chairman of the Group – Micky Jagtiani.

However, it seemed she impressed him with her honesty and self-confidence, for he offered her a job that 48 other applicants had been competing for. She accepted and rose to become Landmark Group’s Head of Marketing and Advertising.

A byword for meticulous work, she found herself christened “A Manager with an Eye for Detail ” by Jagtiani.

It was after an illustrious career with the group that she embarked on her own venture, L:attitude Events, which shaped the events industry in Dubai.

 A Stroke Of Luck

Childhood friend and popular musician Lucky Alii’s need for somebody to organize an event in Dubai that was on par was the moment of truth that led her to the high echelons of success she occupies today. Not one to do things half-heartedly, she invested her entire savings in this event.

The musician’s comfort with her and her stunning skill for event planning combined saw the evening become a smashing success, and that made Lucky Ali a household name.

Chimoo’s impeccable taste put her solidly on the map. She parted ways with the Landmark Group to commence her journey as an entrepreneur.

Bollywood-related success runs in her veins, as her father, Basu Bhattacharya, and grandfather Bi ma! Roy are industry legends.

She leveraged her industry connections to create a roaring success of a business. Today, L’attitude is a company famous within the UAE for its events featuring high-profile hosts and guests.

A top event management company, it boasted of clientele that included mammoth corporations such as Citibank, HSBC, Rak bank, Mashreq, Barclays, Standard Chartered, Regal Textiles and Ajmal Perfumes, to name a few.

Buffeted by the wings of success for a decade, Chimoo launched Encore in 2011, a design studio specialising in weddings, party styling and interior design.

The Hardships Of Turmoil

Chimoo faced a big blow when she had to deal with her savings being wiped out by bank fraud, and also being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

However, she had the loyalty and support of her friends to fall back upon, who rallied around her during those tumultuous and stressful times.

A Motivator Of Her Time

A powerful fighter in the face of hardships, Chimoo pulled herself back up from ground zero and rebuilt her life and career.

Fast forward to today; she conceptualises and executes events in the Middle East, India, the UK and Singapore.

An inspiration to women entrepreneurs everywhere, she believes that “Only the brave dream, as they have the courage to tum it into reality.”