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Weaving The Fabric of Success : Mahesh Advani

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Founder & Managing Director | Blossom Trading LLC

Founded by Mahesh Advani in 1988, Blossom Trading is an established textile trading enterprise that has expanded into the hospitality and F&B industries.

A respected industry favourite for bespoke Arab menswear, it is a leading textile importer and re-exporter with three decades of experience under its belt.

A series of astute long term choices have contributed to the conglomerate’s steady rise and success within the MENA.

It broke into the hospitality and F&B industry with the launch of MyGovinda’s, a chain of all vegetarian Sattvic cuisine restaurants coupled with Tru Frut ice cream and Soul Sante Cafe.

Innovative and tenacious, Advani’s story is that of meticulously nurturing a business to its full potential through gentle and precise guidance.

Hailing from Ajmer in Rajasthan, Ad van i spent the first 18 years of his life learning the skill that would go on to bolster his career and life; viewing and treating people with compassion.

Mahesh Advani Success Story

Once he turned 18, his ambition drove him to swap the dunes of his home state for the sandy shores of UAE and start his first job at a textile company.

He quickly absorbed the tricks of the trade and grew to become the de facto manager of the enterprise within two years. Six years on, and confident in his ability t o apply everything he learnt while adapting to new challenges, he founded Blossom Trading in 1988.

Today, Blossom Trading has expanded into a diversified conglomerate with interests in the textile, hospitality and F&B industries. The company specialises in providing its clients with bespoke high-quality kandoora fabrics.

Over the past three decades, it has carved out a niche within the regional market for its expertise in Arab menswear, offering a wide range of Kandoora styles while emerging as a key player in the regional textile market; importing and redistributing premium fabrics. Housed in the famous Textile Souq, the company caters to the UAE, GCC & Middle East markets.

Going Digital

Advani has cultivated a talent for staying abreast of the consumer zeitgeist, and it reveals itself in the hands-on practical solutions that he implements. As a result, Blossom Trading had dipped its toes into the digital sphere ahead of its competitors and pre Covid; with MyThoby.

A digital platform built to enable customers to design and personalize their outfits online, MyThoby patrons can even opt for professionals to arrive at their doorstep for measurements with the fabric in hand.

In a world where digital interactions are marked by exchanging human contact for convenience, it stands out for adding personalised service to each customer experience without compromising on customer comfort.

The elegant solutions he weaves are also woven into the very fabric of the company – the firm had antibacterial kandoora fabrics on the roster before the Pandemic hit, and is now set to work towards a greener future with sustainable textiles.

After thriving for over two decades, the industrialist now runs his empire alongside his son; Sanjit Advani, who is the conglomerate’s Vice President of Operations.

Adorning the Chairman Hat at Texmas

The tycoon’s contributions to the industry have seen him elected as Chairman ofTexmas; the Dubai Textile Merchants Association. an organisation comprised of over 450 textile corporations and 10,000 members.

Advani is the eighth chairman of the association, which was one of the first to have been granted a license by the Dubai Government. He proudly reflects that th is public-private partnership helped build the textile city in Dubai.

Enriching the Body

 It was in the year 2001 that the Founder fell in love with Yoga. He soon discovered that vegetarianism suited him more, and left him feeling enriched and light.

Driven to increase access to the benefits of healthy Indian food, Advani founded MyGovinda’s in 2001.

Now a UAE staple, this all-vegetarian holistic restaurant specialises in Sattvic food- seasonal, nutritious Indian food including oil free, Vegan & Gluten free options.

It now boasts 5 outlets across Dubai, in Karama, Silicon Oasis, Arjan, JLT, Deira and is on the brink of further expansion.

MyGovinda’s has now branched out into sweats, mithai and namkeen and is poised to launch a range of premium spices sourced from India.

The tycoon’s hand is everywhere within the restaurant; from its well researched, nourishing offerings to the environment friendly refillable glass bottles it offers visitors.

The restaurant is complemented by Tru Frut; a natural Ice Cream Store that focuses on rich, healthy ice cream filled to the brim with real fruit chunks.

Devoid of preservatives, artificial colours or flavours, it packs a punch when it comes to flavour without compromising on health  aspect The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and his daughter, Manisha Advani, is a health coach and the founder of Soul Sante Cafe.

An ayurvedic, vegan and gluten free dining space, it offers gourmet fine dining cuisine made using locally sourced ingredients, free from refined sugar and soy.

The first of its kind in the UAE, it allows consumers to build their vegan lifestyle through meal plans and interactive events hosted in various locations.

Enriching the Soul

The tycoon believes deeply in giving back to the community with direction, and his humanitarian actions positively impact lives across countries. On an international scale, his notable works include his work in the Kutch district in Gujrat.

As the state struggled i n the aftermath of a devastating earthquake, Advani visited months after the calamity occurred and connected with the SRC (The Sindhu Resettlement Corporation) to build over 80 homes for earthquake affected families.

He and his friends simultaneously began to adore the area and its people, and stumbled across people living nearby in slums.

They decided to build 120 gated community-style homes for those living there. Not done yet, they built a further 144 homes for slum rehabilitation and has continued to build on that over the years on a social and lifestyle level. Their touch has transformed the locality into a clean, thriving community with a park and well-maintained trees.

The Founder also supports the India Tribal Care initiative, which provides clean drinking water through a solar-powered community water filter in over 100 Tribal villages across the regional belt of North East India. It also sets up and manages schools across the same area; increasing residential access to education.

Further, the Trust works to eliminate malaria and diarrhoea in the mosquito-riddled area through frequent and well-equipped medical camps.

Closer to home in the UAE, Advani established the MyGovinda’s Kindness Fridge over 15 years ago. Set up outside MyGovi nda’s outlets, it dispenses free meals to those in need twice everyday.

The crippling effect of the Pandemic could be measured by the length of the line outside it during that time, he recalls.

MyGovindas partnered with Careem to distribute free lftar meals to their Taxi drivers during Ramadan for the past two years.

The Future, Built on the Past

Blossom Trading has been built and grown on the powerful and dedicated moves that Advani made over the years. However, the most powerful one of all has proven to be his empathetic perspective.

The company has nurtured the growth of its team for decades and has lowest attrition rate in the market.

He believes strongly in cultivating authentic relationships with employees and treating them with the respect that all human beings deserve.

Humble in victory, he lists the blessings he has earned from his elders and the constant support he receives from his wife Rashmi and their children (Manisha, Pallavi & Sanjit) as a pillar in the foundation of his success.

An Evolution of the Spirit

Advani reads the Bhagavad Gita every day and has incorporated its teachings into his lifestyle with Yoga and meditation. He draws inspiration from the wise scripture and believes that it is important not to get bogged down with trivial issues and not be arrogant in life.

Taking the example of how mankind overcame the Gulf War crisis and the 2008 financial crisis, he also holds that remaining calm while evolving can help overcome misfortunes of any magnitude.