K V Thomas

The King of Diversification : K V Thomas

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K V Thomas

Founder and Managing Director | Thomsun Group

Thomsun Group Founder and Managing Director, K. V. Thomas is a corporate dynamo. His visionary guidance has led the group to grow from its pioneering roots at the cutting edge of audio and video recording, where it reigned supreme to building a vastly diversified range of tech-forward companies that cater to a multitude of customer segments across the board.

Over the past four decades, his acumen for sensing the winds of change in the market has transformed into connecting with varying demographics and cultivating a potential client base that keeps him in tune with the pulse of consumer demand.

Under his stewardship, Thomsun Group has grown into a mammoth corporate business with a presence in the FMCG, education, print, pre-press, logistics, electrical and mechanical, furnishing and real estate industries. It continues to march onwards, diversifying with explosive versatility into new segments in the UAE by engaging in avant-garde technology and repackaging it for everyday use. 

Success Story of K V Thomas

The City of Gold 

Thomas arrived on UAE shores as a principled and ambitious young man whose home state of Kerala in India was starting to generate tales of triumph from Dubai – City of Gold. Eager to earn his fortune and a place among the success stories of those who ventured into the growing metropolis, he was among the earlier optimists to venture into Dubai in the hopes of fulfilling his dreams.

With a strong belief that he would achieve great things, his confidence was banked on his willingness and ability to work hard and pour his soul into his work. His ambition drove him to seek careers in fields with strong growth prospects, and he embarked on his professional journey at a printing press. An exemplary employee, he devoted himself to his job and cultivated a profound interest in the print industry.

His industriousness paid off; he garnered enviable, in-depth knowledge of the commercial elements in the business and print technology. His curious nature absorbed minute details of the field, while his growing innovative side began to visualise a reputable brand that offered quality products and services, with him at its helm. It was thus that the glimmers of the Thomsun business started to solidify from a dream to reality. 

Recording Success

By the year 1976, the proactive entrepreneur founded the first enterprise of the Thom sun empire. It applied Thomas’ deep understanding of the print industry to offer services in the same. However, the magnate was coming into his own as a business leader and used his intuition and market understanding to diversify into the next coming thing; mixed media.

Little did anyone know that his powerful moves would go on to shape an entire regional market. The UAE in the ?Os and 80s was a market ripe for new IT products. Thomas’ genius lay in guiding his group into new areas where it could build a long standing reputation as industry leaders. Capitalising on the UAE’s globally unique position as a re-export hub the group has often been a part of a series of firsts that would do any company proud.

The tycoon now believes that the meaningful part of developing a business lies in envisioning new directions for the enterprise to grow into. Foreshadowing this perspective, the enterprise ventured into electronics before hitting the jackpot by getting into the field of audio and video cassettes and distribution.

Ahead of its competitors, Thomas’ background in print left him better equipped than most to understand the similarities in replicating audio and visual content. Banking on his ability to learn quickly, the group first offered audio recording services and followed it up with video recording and large-scale distribution. 

Decades of Expansion and Diversification

Following his spate of successes, the pioneer decided to turn his attention to potential new industries in new markets. Both India and the Gulf benefitted from his investments and business launches. Driven by the signs of upcoming changes in the business model, the firm began to look into other fields.

Meanwhile, the Indian market saw Thomsun Group launch its footwear-manufacturing unit, Thomsun Rubber Factory, as well as Thomsun Films, Plantations, and Real Estate. Today, the Thomsun Group is a regional heavyweight, with interests in over 20 segments that employs over 3,000 talented professionals.

The well-diversified conglomerate caters to a stunning percentage of the market through its arms in the FMCG, education, print, logistics, electrical and mechanical, furnishing, and real estate industries, and has a combined turnover of $600 million. 

A License to Print

 Thomsun Group ventured into the print and packaging industry in 1980 with the launch of Al Mawrid Printing and Advertising Ind LLC, and Thomas’s thorough knowledge of the industry from his early years yielded gold.

The company offered comprehensive services, ranging from conceptualising and designing to printing. It soon established itself as one of the largest, most trusted names in the nation, and has continued to maintain its reputation to date. Needless to say, the magnate’s unwillingness to do things halfway is reflected in the high-end machinery that the full-fledged printing house boasts today.

Capable of printing and packaging for all industry sizes, Al Mawrid lists a number of local governments and MNC goliaths among its clientele. Established in 1993, Reprotronics has cultivated a reputation as the leading provider of tech-savvy graphic arts and BTL marketing assets.

As a one-stop-shop marketing arm, it also offers pre-press and pre-media services, creative and photography services, DAM, wide format digital printing, applications designed display fabrication and installation, plastic card production and personalisation, digital press, advertising and media services, and packaging and pre-production services.

Located in Dubai Investment Park, the firm’s wide range of offerings – from conceptualisation to the finished product – caters to multiple big names in the local market, with a focus on the fashion and beauty industries. A notable recent project of theirs is outfitting the popular Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai. Over time, its team has grown into seasoned experts who dominate by finding innovative uses for technology.

Ever the front runner, the company was among the earliest in the country to launch the cloud storage concept. Since this was before cloud storage was commonly sold or recognised as a concept, it was charmingly branded as digital logistics. 

The Thomsun Food Division 

The year 1989 saw the inauguration of the East Fish Co. Ever the front runner, Thomas established the company as an industry leader by building an automated processing factory that specialised in procuring, processing and delivering quality-controlled seafood.

Based in Ajman, its well-trained professionals work with state-of-the-art equipment to process the sustainably sourced seafood. Its clientele is spread across the Middle East, the Far East, Europe and the US, including the who’s who among five-star hotels, industrial caterers, restaurants, hypermarkets and supermarkets.

Thomsun Food LLC 

A trading company that sources and imports vegetables and Halal-certified meat from across the world, with the bulk of its products sourced from Europe and Latin America, it is a leading importer that distributes premium products within the UAE and boasts of its own cold storage facility and a large fleet of refrigerated vehicles.

The company, with its base in Dubai and Sharjah, caters to a variety of clients across the airline catering, hotels, restaurants and catering, food retail, and distribution industries. 

Thomsun Supermarket LLC 

The Thomsun Group’s supermarket chain dots well-chosen strategic locations in Dubai’s residential areas. The two-and-a-half decadeold chain caters to a strong mix of individuals, group consumers, and reputed corporations. Suave management by the group has helped it expand while keeping up with radical shifts in the market and withstanding sharp competition. 

Its resilience and elegant manoeuvring have rewarded it with a strong brand identity. This will work in its favour as the group’s plans to expand further across the metropolis is underway.

Bakery and Confectionary

Capricorn Bakery LLC 

Perhaps the most easily recognisable to the public, Capricorn Bakery produces and distributes a range of breads, cakes, pastries, and confectioneries across the UAE. Popularly featured in outlets across the nation, its production factory churns out freshly baked products of high quality. Widely available in almost all retail establishments, it also caters to canteens, ship chandlers and corporate offices. 

Capricorn Cuisines LLC

The year 1988 witnessed the birth of Capricorn Cuisines LLC, crafted by the Thomsun Group to offer delicious, expertly made dishes from around the world, with a specific nod to the popularity of Asian food.

The tech-forward leadership Thomas delivers is highlighted in the modernity of its production facility in Dubai Investments Park, which it shares with Capricorn Bakery. The facility is well structured and takes pains to ensure that it maintains a strict hygienic standard. 

Electronics and Music Division

It was in 1990 that the Thomsun Trading Establishment received authorization to become official distributors of Yamaha’s complete musical and audio range in the UAE. Over the past two decades, the company has elevated itself to the leading music and audio product industry in the nation.

In Thomas own words, “Our electronics distribution, projects, and retail division involves exclusive representation of iconic music brands in the region such as Yamaha, Fender, Besendorfer, Hohner, Harman Professional, and Rode, among others, which is complemented by music education institutes situated in the prime malls of Dubai such as lbn Battuta and Wafi.”

The company has focused on offering its products and services to musicians and aspiring musicians, educational establishments, the broadcast and radio industry, bands and orchestras, the hospitality industry, and other projects and events that require industry specialists in the audio and music field. It also has several stores spread across the city, with its flagship store located in Dubai Mall.

Music Education 

The aforementioned music education institutes have thrived for close to two decades thanks to the stellar management policies of the Thomsun Group. Featuring premium audio equipment by stellar brands distributed by the group, it manages three institutes located in key malls across Dubai.

Popular Music Institute (PMI) and Kids Gym ME in Wafi Shopping Mall are the conglomerate’s venture into musical education, while the Sing & Swing Training Centre at Ibn Battuta Mall is perceived as a microcosm of the music industry. They both collaborate with professional organisations in the UAE to provide an in-depth knowledge of music.

MEP & PVP Manufacturing And Distribution

The Thomsun Group expanded into the MEP industry 20 years ago and offers a diverse range of products under the Thomsun General Trading company. It originally distributed major brands such as Schneider, Wilco, Ducab, Studor, Meridian, and Kopos, among others to over 400 retail units and all major MEP 250 contractors.

Following Thomas’ affection for combining cutting-edge technology with new offerings, the group expanded its range to include PVC products and a PPR manufacturing unit to cater to a larger share of the market through Thom sun Metal & Pipes Manufacturing LLC. 


Capitalising on the UAE being a prime location for re-export, Thomsun Mercantile & Marine LLC is now a trusted name in the logistics line. Peopled by seasoned professionals, it offers the region a sound option for a partner to clear and forward, warehouse, distribute, package and label, re-export, control inventory, etc.

Based in Jabel Ali in Dubai and other free zones in the UAE, the company boasts a 1 million sq. ft specified area that includes a fully automated and temperature-controlled warehouse, open spaces for bulk cargo, and covered storage for dry cargo. 


Not one to do things in half measures, Canton Chinese Furniture under Thomas’ guidance is the largest collection of Rosewood home furniture in the Middle East. Featuring pieces crafted by skilled artisans using only the highest quality of pure rosewood sourced from South Asia, East Asia, Africa, and South America, the store delivers unrivalled collections with uncompromised quality. 

Real Estate

The Thomsun Group’s real estate arm has been engaging in work on a new mall, five-star hotel, and residential complex in Thomas’ home state of Kerala. In yet another unforeseen but brilliant move, he has partnered with the massive Prestige Forum Mall Group to build an impressive 2 million sq. ft mall in the major port city of Kochi.

It is set to bring the first IMAX film experience to the state when it launches at the end of 2022. Slated to finish in a few months, the large scale and quality of the project represents the mogul’s affection for his homeland and his politico-savvy business perspective.

A strong supporter of the CEPA pact that India and the UAE signed in 2022, the mogul is excited to welcome the potential commercial boost it is expected to foster. He explains, “Our goal for the next 10 years is to keep growing the ventures and products in which we have honed our key strengths over the years. To invest in prospects that might arise in the UAE and Indian markets, we want to maintain contact with our customers.

As for the investments in new and current infrastructure, we also emphasised the need to employ sustainable resources whenever possible.” The Group is forging into the future at full steam, with a step into the Kerala tourism industry in the pipeline. Set to open a string of resorts in idyllic locations in Kumaragam, Munnar and a few other hotspots, it expects to unveil the 5-star properties in 6 years’ time. 

Heading a Talented Family

Growing up with seven siblings, Thomas was instilled with deep familial bonds and values from a young age. Born to K C Varghese and Saramma Varghese of the house of Kuttiparambil as part of the Ommaloor Vadekedethu family, he married Lillykutty Thomas from the Puthenpuryil house of the Kandamundaril family.

He is thankful for her strength and support as he pursued his business and for instilling the values and traditions of their family in their three children together. The eldest of the three; Biju, did his undergraduate in the prestigious Loyola College in Chennai before completing his Master’s degree in business a t Nottingham.

Biju’s wife Sindhu has a Master’s in business administration and they have two children, the elder, a son, Ethan and younger daughter, Serah. The second son in the Thomas family, Saju, is a Master’s degree holder in management from the UK, and an undergraduate in engineering from Chennai.

Saju is married to Dr Siby, a specialist doctor practicing in Dubai. They now have two children, elder son, Raphael, and daughter, Arya. The youngest of Thoma’s children, Anju, has an MBBS from the reputed Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, and a Master’s in paediatrics. She worked as a paediatrician in Aster, and is now married and settled in Kerala. 

Acts of Giving

Thomas’ powerful drive to support and uplift others is best summed up in his own words; “God has given me wealth and success, but I am aware that I am just a custodian of this wealth and I believe that it has to be shared with all those God has designated.”

And he puts his money where his mouth is. Thomas is involved with Karunya Nilayam, a Kerala-based charity that feeds and provides medical care to the poor and homeless, and that also helps provide free cancer treatment to those undergoing radiation and chemotherapy. Based in Kottayam, the charity directly addresses the needs of the people and has been doing so since 1993.

Perhaps, Thomas is drawn to it for its direct and transparent actions and its effective initiative. An example of the latter would be its Light of Life project, which works to set up a fund for cancer patients among school children who belong to the underprivileged sections of society.

Deep Ties With The Nation 

The Founder’s deep appreciation for the UAE and its rulers stems from his position as the head of a thriving conglomerate. He credits the supportive business environment that the nation’s statesmen have built with the prosperity of locally grown firms.

Over the course of his life, Thomas’ pioneering spirit and leadership in the market have led to Thomsun Group being a part of many momentous occasions in the region’s history, such as the first Emirates flight from Dubai to Oman. The tycoon’s powerful oratory skills are legendary and held him in good stead as he was at the helm of a fast-growing and diversifying corporate entity.

He combined this skill with his compassion and powerful sense of responsibility to cultivate strong bonds with his family and peers. Unchanged by success, he remains to this day the curious man able to quickly grasp new concepts, and implement them in innovative, exciting ways in his business and personal life. An avid learner, his deep interest in philosophy and general anatomy is reflected in his familial life and philanthropic choices.