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Muneer Ansari Parayil, Managing Director, Global Educational Solutions, is an educator extraordinaire. The steady growth and expansion of the business happened after Muneer started helming of the company.

This tech-savvy, future-thinking intellectual’s innovation lies in ushering in progress into the houses of learning he develops.

A high-flier in the educational industry, he brings over fifteen years of experience in the field to his role.

A man happy in and around a learning environment and stunningly competent at its management, is set to change the face of future education.

Muneer Ansari has been in the UAE for more than 30 years. He began his journey in the UAE as a student. Three decades later, he is today the Managing Director of Global Educational Solutions (GES), a leading educational consultancy and management company operating and managing schools internationally.

A computer science engineering graduate, Muneer worked with Apple Inc and Dell Technologies for over half a decade.

He holds his MBA in educational leadership from the UK and is pursuing his Doctoral degree in Educational Psychology.

His father, Parayi l KunhiMohamed Ansari was the founding member of indian Isiahi School Abu Dhabi, established in 1982 as one of the first private Indian curriculum schools in the Capital.

Parayil KunhiMohamed then established a second school in Al Ain, in 1982, later rebranding it as Global English School Al A in.

The school currently offers the UK curriculum. GES, under Muneer’s leadership has since grown and currently has an operational presence in 7 countries – offering educational management solutions and operating educational institutions from preschool to high school.

The year 2010 saw Muneer start to work at the helm of the business, and helped support the expansion of the business through his incisive guidance and direction.

Headquartered in the UK. GES remains true to its place of birth and runs most of its operations from the UAE.

Global English School Al A in, run under GES, is a fine example of the academic wizard’s unique twist on educational management.

The school currently caters to students from over 60 different nationalities and is graded under ADEK. Under Muneer’s direction and planning, Global English School in Calicut, Kerala, India, was established in 2015 as an icon of excellence and exemplary education.

The school boasts the distinction of being the first international curriculum school in the Malabar region in Kerala.

The success of these world-class learning facilities allowed Muneer to train his genius on his new-found passion within the educational spectrum – pre-schooling.

In 2015, Muneer ventured into the early childhood education sector by launching Little Pearls Nursery in Al A in, which follows the UK EYFS curriculum and is now one of the top-rated preschools in Al Ain.

A new-age International PreK -12 school under the brand name International Indian School Abu Dhabi (IIS Abu Dhabi) was also established in 2016, and is now one of the prominent CBSE curriculum schools in Abu Dhabi. IIS Abu Dhabi is consistently rated as a top school by ADEK and is a Guinness World Record holder.

Fueled by h is ardent belief in developing and cultivating young minds from the earliest stage possible, GES has also diversified into preschool education.

He established nurseries in the UAE, Malaysia and Bahrain. The UAE has three brands under the GES umbrella: Little Pearls Nursery, the Little Miracles Nursery, and the Windsor Early Years Nursery.

Already a qualified success, the enterprise is poised to unveil two new preschools, one in the Philippines and another in Australia.

Learning To Soar

With 40 years of continued success, GES, under Muneer’s strategic leadership, gained a modern and informed outlook on the schooling system as a whole.

The brand stayed abreast of the educational zeitgeist of its time until he took over its running, after which it began to show a marked inclination toward logic and reason driven deviations from the norm.

He acts as the harbinger of change and expansion. The absorption of innovative and culturally specific knowledge domains from around the world extends to the curriculum too. GES Schools incorporate the region’s necessities into its teachings.

Mindful and respectful of cultural differences in education, GES aims to handpick and adapt the best local teaching systems into its repertoire. Muneer’s direct involvem ent with each project ensures the transition of each one across its global offices.

Elevated Knowledge Profile

A UAE resident through and through, Muneer’s upbringing in the UAE translates into the quality of schooling children receive in GES institutions.

Firmly in tune with the ever-changing needs of today’s students, he embraces technology in innovative ways that bring more options and superior learning curves to students.

Ever joyful and curious in all aspects of education, including receiving it, Muneer holds Master’s degrees and multiple diplomas that elevate his knowledge and proficiency in the field.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Muneer is due to achieve his Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, augmenting an already extraordinary hoard of understanding and skill that his time leading GES has garnered.

Muneer is a popular presence in the academic milieu of the UAE. He is a guest speaker at the Sharjah Education Expo and GESS Dubai.

While his organisation was recognised as an outstanding contributor to the Expo Young Innovators initiative during Expo 2020 Dubai. He was instrumental in achieving the Guinness World Record for his institution in the year 2021.

He has been honoured by Limkokwing University Malaysia for his expertise in the education field and his contributions to the country.

He was also a speaker delegate at the COBIS UK conference, and an associate of UNESCO ASPnet. He has received several awards and recognitions from India and abroad.

Muneer has been privileged to receive the prestigious Golden Visa under the specialised category and persons who are talented from the Abu Dhabi government considering his contributions to the education sector.

The virtuoso’s interest extends to almost every topic in the education field, and recent years have seen him develop a considerable interest in early childhood education.

An avid believer in its vital importance, he has penned and published several articles on it, citing the increased development it brings to a child’s personality to spend their formative years engaged in motivated, informational play among their social groups with other toddlers.

The Value Of Tech In Schooling

An aspect of educational leadership that Muneer lends GES is his deep interest in augmenting technology-assisted teaching and learning.

It is no secret that the pandemic skyrocketed the acceptance and value of online learning while also boosting the EdTech industry. Muneer believes that the selective application of such technology raises the standard of education in GES schools.

Shaping The Future

Muneer has developed a talent-hunt pattern internationally to select the most talented teachers and staff for each GES institution, which has blossomed the institution into a veritable cluster of skilled and qualified professionals.

Unwaveringly ambitious but tempered by intellect, the company plans to launch new schools in Abu Dhabi by 2024, offering both US and UK curriculum education.

Muneer believes in the fact that a high performance team involves more than just a group of talented individuals.

For a team to be truly effective, its members must unite with the same vision and be motivated to bring that vision to life – Muneer has been successful in building an effective team to complement and support all his endeavours. He shares clear, measurable goals, and ensures that each team member enjoys their part in the group’s overall success.

Family And Personal Life

Muneer was born into one of the prominent parentages of Malabar, the Parayil family, which has been known for its considerable charitable activities and contribution to the religious. sociocultural and education roots in the local milieu for over two centuries.

Muneer is the third child of Parayil KunhiMohamed Ansari and Razyabi. Parayil KunhiMohamed, a professor in India, later ventured into the academia of the UAE; the whole family migrated to the UAE in the early 80s.

Parayil KunhiMohamed is one of the pioneer educationists in the UAE, having started one of the first private schools in Abu Dhabi, and is a well known personality within the Indian diaspora in the Emirate. 

Brought up and schooled in the UAE. Muneer credits his father for giving him the guidance he needed to understand the importance of quality and value-based education.

Parayil KunhiMohamed is an embodiment of values to all his children and Muneer is thankful to his father for inculcating moral values and the spirit of enterprise in him; he is also motivated by his father’s dedication to the profession even today.

Muneer is married to Rabeeha, a management postgraduate from Buckinghamshire University UK, and to whom he credits his success.

Without her support, it would be impossible for him to lead a busy corporate life. Blessed with four daughters.

Shaikha, Shamsa, Maryam, and Ayesha, Rabeeha looks after the well-being of the family and is Muneer’s primary source of strength.

Razyabi, Muneer’s mother, is a warm presence and Muneer is ever thankful to her for the guidance and values she inculcates.

Muneer is an avid traveler. with his journeys extending from the European countryside to Southeast Asia’s volcanoes.

A passionate footballer and adventure sports enthusiast, Muneer ensures he takes time out from his hectic schedule for a desert drive. a snorkeling expedition or just a simple but relaxing nature walk.