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Driving A Business Forward : Anish Malattiri

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Managing Director | Al Saeedi Group

Al Saeedi Group’s Managing Director, Anish Malattiri has had a credible impact on the region through the knowledgeable and savvy manoeuvring of his tyre distribution and retail service business.

Apart from elevating the company as a jewel in the nation’s crown through some incredible moves, he has steered the enterprise with a series of successes that helped push it to the heights it has reached today.

The Dawn Of A New Path

The most respected and trusted tyre distribution and service solution provider in the UAE was founded in the year 1988 by Anish’s father, Kuttan Malattiri.

Over the next three decades, Al Saeedi Group rose to prominence in the automotive industry as a reputable company providing the right long-term tyre solutions for any vehicle fleet type.

The company has focused on providing end-to-end tyre solutions and their flexibility enables them to reduce the cost of operations for clientele.

Under the leadership of Anish’s father, the Al Saeedi Group became one of the first companies to embrace and introduce the concept of mobile tyre services to the country in 1998.

Their proficient work garnered a robust array of corporate, government and semi-government clients who they continue to manage to date in the UAE

Today, Al Saeedi Group, under the expert leadership of the founder’s son, Anish, has amplified the firm’s already flourishing industry reputation and solidified it as the steadfast choice for tyre and automotive-related partnerships.

Spurring faster changes in the automotive market than ever before, his ascension as the leader of the Group was marked by a change in how businesses worked as a whole.

It was under his meticulous stewardship that the firm launched auto-care services by rebranding their existing tyre retail centres to Saeedi Pro.

They further provided services such as oil change, battery replacement, AC repair, brake pad replacements and wiper change for customers, among other supporting products in the vehicle maintenance industry.

Where The Rubber Meets The Road

While all industries were hit hard by the pandemic, the lockdown slowed down the automotive industry due to the sudden and unforeseen drop in vehicles on the road.

The leader’s creative solutions during the pandemic like increased mobile tyre services for retail and corporate customers steered the company’s course.

It was Anish’s triumph over the brutal challenges in such times that serves to highlight his prowess, but his post pandemic leadership is what draws one’s attention.

It goes without saying that the young, tech savvy millennial leader introduced new and refreshing approaches to how the company engaged with technology.

The sudden increased growth of online buying meant that businesses were reemerging into an entirely different market than the one they left, with little time to adjust. Anish breezed through it with the launch of the Group’s e-commerce arm.

He further took the time to strengthen their retail centres with more service bays and mobile services to provide the best to their clients.

Continuing on that note, their business is now the first to implement automated tyre tread scanners in the UAE, adding another layer to the firm’s repertoire.

His management has enhanced the business through a series of corporate partnerships with regional giants like Dubai Taxi Corporation and dnata.

With over 150 trained service technicians on the ground. Anish’s stellar successes is hard earned but well deserved.

En Route To Success

An avid golfer, Anish is married to Aswathy and the couple has been blessed with an 8-year-old son, Ayaan.

Anish firmly believes in the importance of a supportive network of peers and cultivates the same diligently.

His advice for upcoming entrepreneurs is to do the same while fostering the ability to adapt quickly to changes in the market and stay positive through the inevitable challenges life throws their way.