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An Inspiration for Generations: Dr. Ram Buxani

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Chairman | ITL Cosmos Group

Founded in 1953, the ITL Cosmos Group, led by Dr Ram Buxani is a global business conglomerate based in Dubai providing high-quality international consumer electronics products, home and kitchen appliances. photography products, data and storage products, luxury watches, personal grooming products, household accessories, office stationery, textiles, linen and luggage.

Through its focus on business diversification, ITL Cosmos continues to serve as a market leader with a strong retail growth strategy and strong business lines in service industries such as banking and telecom. The Group’s Chairman, Dr Buxani, is a self-made business luminary who is also a scholar, author and philanthropist with several coveted recognitions. In many ways, the compelling trajectory of growth of ITL Cosmos Group mirrors the rapid economic development of the Emirate of Dubai.

Ram Buxani Success Story

A Global Business Conglomerate

ITL Cosmos Group is a business conglomerate based in Dubai, UAE, founded in 1953 when Dubai was part of the Trucial States. Initially, textiles were the principal trade of the company. However, with the oil boom and the socio-economic prosperity that ensued, ITL Group expanded into consumer electronics, becoming one of the first companies in the region to do so.

This marked the inception of the ITL Cosmos Group, a moment that would prove to be a landmark in the retail sector of Dubai. The Group is currently also active in manufacturing, distribution, real estate and financial services. It is at the forefront of the marketplace, bringing the latest products and services to the customers. It is a prominent player in information technology, telecom technology solutions, and banking services.

The Group’s vast portfolio of products includes consumer electronics, home and kitchen appliances, photographic products, data and storage products, luxury watches, personal grooming products, household products, office stationery, textiles, linen and luggage. For several decades, the Group has been the official distributor of Japanese brands such as Sharp, Minolta, Rhythm, Remington Products and TDK. The company’s unwavering commitment and unfailing zeal to business growth are based upon ethical principles, joint returns, customer interest and sustainable growth.

Humble Beginnings

Born in Hyderabad Sind, India, Dr Ram Buxani had a difficult childhood. His father passed away when he was just five years old. A considerable part of his adolescence was spent looking after his mother, lshwaribai Jivatram Buxani.

In 1959, a young Dr Buxani came to Dubai to make a living and support his family. He enthusiastically started his career at the age of 18 as an office assistant. Despite his tough childhood, Dr Buxani remained fearless, drawing on inner strength on hard work to achieve his dreams. His zeal for improving himself is inspiring, and he proudly completed his PhD at the age of63 on the subject of Governance of Dubai from Washington International University.

A Champion of Philanthropy

Philanthropy is fundamental to Dr Buxani’s vision and mission in life. A classic example is how he steered the Indian Prime Minister’s Relief Fund efforts for the earthquake victims in Gujarat, raising a whopping Rs6 million (Dh329,267), which was directed towards rehabilitation measures during the year 2001. Dr Buxani is also a Board Member of the Al Noor Training Centre for Persons with Disabilities, lending his wise counsel on bringing children of determination to the mainstream.

An Advocate for Education

Apart from serving as the President of the Rotary Club of Jumeirah (Dubai), he is a passionate advocate of education. He has served as the Chairman of Indian High School – an institution that he founded and for which he helped source land and funds. He is also the Director of Chinmaya International Residential School, Coimbatore.

Dr Buxani is also the Founder Governor of the Indian Business Leaders Forum and an active member in similar institutions that nurture the next generation of talent for business. Committed to the cause of Sindhis and actively campaigning to ensure that the community receives the due credit it deserves, he is the Permanent Trustee and Chairman of the Indian Institute of Sindhology, Adipur. He is also a Trustee of the Gandhidham Maitree Manda I, Gandhidham having more than 22 schools under its management.

A Multifaceted Personality

Today, ITL Cosmos Group participates in government initiatives such as Dubai Cares, Honour Labour campaign, and Green Dubai, a testimony to the company’s commitment to the nation. In addition, the company is involved in campaigns for blood donation, road safety, city cleanliness, water conservation, and green resources management, among others, all in line with the growth goals and vision of the Government.

Dr Buxani has won several accolades and held prestigious honorary positions in his career. He is among the pioneer promoters of lnduslnd Bank Ltd. in India and was its Director for eight years until 2008 .

In addition, he is the Founder, Chairman of the Overseas Indians Economic Forum, a highly reputed Non-Residents Indian (NRI) organisation that subsequently merged with the Indian Business & Professional Council (IBPC). He was listed thrice among the Most Powerful Indians in the UAE by Arabian Business magazine in 2010, 2011 and 2012. He was also ranked as a top Indian leader by Forbes for four years from 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2019, and the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award in the year 2017.

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